Your Best Child Ever: Is This Game Worth Winning? is based on more than 24 years of working with children and families without the use of negative reinforcement. It will give you the tips, tools, tactics and strategies to improve your relationship with your child, your parents, and even yourself.
If you’re a parent looking to:
  • Get FREE support,
  • Get answers and insights,
  • Empower yourself and your children, and
  • ​Build better lines of communication,
then it’s time to think differently about how you communicate and behave with your children.
Are you ready to get different results?
Help your kids succeed?
Start communicating more effectively with your children?
DOWNLOADYour Best Child Ever: Is This Game Worth Winning NOW!
Do you want to raise a child who is:
  • Stable
  • ​Centered
  • ​Respectful
  • Self-Disciplined
  • ​Confident
  • ​Self–Motivated
  • Self–Directed
  • ​Successful
  • ​Wise
  • ​Wealthy
  • ​Safe
  • ​Healthy, and
  • Happy?
Then this book is for you!
I’m Jeremy Roadruck and I’m an empowerment coach for families and children, giving parents and kids the tools they need to feel seen, heard, felt, and understood.
This book will give you FREE support so that you can cooperate—not compete—with your kids, set boundaries, focus on the positive, and redefine what it means to be a parent.
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